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Nuclear Physics Seminars

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Igor I. Strakovsky [Host: Donal Day]
George Washington University
"Partial-Wave Analysis and Spectroscopy in Pion-Nucleon Scattering up to W = 2.5 GeV"
We present results from a comprehensive partial-wave analysis of pi+-p elastic scattering and charge-exchange data, covering the region from threshold to 2.6 GeV in the lab pion kinetic energy, employing a coupled-channel formalism to simultaneously fit pi-p-->eta n data to 0.8 GeV. Our main result, solution SP06, utilizes a complete set of forward and fixed-t dispersion relation constraints applied to the piN elastic amplitude. The results of these analyses are compared with previous solutions in terms of their resonance spectra and preferred values for couplings and low-energy parameters. Details are available at nucl-th/0605082

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