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High Energy Physics Seminars

ics High Energy
Wednesday, May 5, 2010
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Chris Hays [Host: Chris Neu]
Oxford University
"Low-Mass Dimuons at CDF: Dark Forces, Higgs Bosons, and Data Anomalies"
Various studies of collider and cosmological data have found multilepton sources that are not well described by the usual models. These studies have motivated a theory of a new force at the O(1 GeV) energy scale that interacts with standard-model particles only through a high-mass intermediary. This new 'dark' force could produce multiple leptons at small angles, dubbed 'lepton jets,' at hadron colliders. I describe a general CDF search for high-momentum muon pairs with sensitivity to any new low-mass resonance. I also briefly discuss the possibility that the Higgs boson is a source of high-momentum dimuons, with a mass lower than the usual LEP bounds and more consistent with supersymmetry and the global electroweak fits.

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