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Condensed Matter Seminars

ics Condensed Matter
Thursday, March 29, 2001
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special time.
Note special room.
Professor Jingyu Lin [Host: E. Kolomeisky and J. Poon]
Kansas State University
"Growth and Optical Properties of III-Nitride Wide Bandgap Semiconductors"
III-nitride wide band gap semiconductors (GaN, AlGaN and InGaN) have been a subject of intense recent investigation and have emerged as an important materials system for applications in areas of optoelectronic devices which are active in the blue and ultraviolet (UV) wavelength regions and electronic devices capable of operation at high temperatures, high power levels, and in harsh environments. In this talk, the epitaxial growth and fundamental optical and transport studies of III-nitrides, including GaN epilayers, InGaN and AlGaN alloys, and multiple quantum wells comprising alternating layers of InxGa1-xN/GaN and GaN/AlxGa1-xN will be discussed. In particular, how the picosecond time-resolved photoluminescence studies in providing input for the development of suitable materials quality and device design for specific applications as well as for the understanding of fundamental optical transitions and lasing mechanisms will be presented.

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