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Nuclear Physics Seminars

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Dien Nguyen [Host: Donal Day]
University of Virginia
"Precision measurement of isospin dependence in the 2N and 3N short range correlation"
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Short Range Correlations (SRCs) have been recognized as responsible for the high momentum tail of the nucleon momentum distribution. Several experiments at Jefferson Lab have exploited inclusive scattering to study about SRCs by going to X_bj >2. In an upcoming tritium experiment (E12-11-112) we will perform a precision test of isospin dependence of two-nucleon short-range correlations using mirror nuclei: 3He and 3H. The data taken at x>2 will also be used to study three-nucleon short-range correlations. In this talk we will briefly present the motivation for this experiment as well as some of the experimental details and the expected results. In addition, we will discuss a method to check the absolute target thickness of sealed tritium cell through elastic scattering measurement.


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