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"Path to building quantum spin liquids and topological qubits within existing quantum hardware"

Dmitry Green , AppliedTQC.com, ResearchPULSE LLC
[Host: Peter Schauss]

We address a central problem in the creation and manipulation of quantum states: how to build topological quantum spin liquids with physically accessible interactions. Theorists have been studying models of quantum spin liquids that rely on "multi-spin" interactions since the 1970s, and, more recently, have realized that these models can be used for quantum computing. However, nature does not provide such interactions in real materials. We construct a lattice gauge model where the required, fully quantum, multi-spin interactions can in fact be emulated exactly in any system with only two-body Ising interactions plus a uniform transverse field. The latter systems do exist. Therefore, our solution is an alternative path to building a workable topological quantum computer within existing hardware.  Our bottom-up construction is generalizable to other  gauge-like  theories,  including  those  with  fractonic  topological  order  such  as the  X-cube model. Taken as a whole, our approach is a blueprint to emulate topologically ordered quantum spin liquids in programmable quantum machines.

Atomic Physics Seminar
Monday, October 21, 2019
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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