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  Joe Poon   Joe Poon
William Barton Rogers Professor of Physics , Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Ph.D., 1978, Caltech

sjp9x@Virginia.EDU email   924-6792 tel 303 JBL Office

Poon’s research program is in materials physics. He designs and synthesizes novel amorphous metals, nanostructured materials, and intermetallic compounds. The problems he investigates include structure-property relationships particularly on how atomic- and nano-scale structures determine magnetic anisotropy, thermoelectric performance, and mechanical behavior. His multi-level study employs both experimental and computational methodologies, utilizing various state-of-the-art electrical, thermoelectric, magnetic, and mechanical probes to measure properties. The materials studied have the potential for technological applications. In recent years, the effort has resulted in the discovery of a new type of amorphous metals that exhibit ultrahigh strengths and corrosion resistance. His group has also observed unusual electronic and magnetic structures in the metal-based compounds including resonant state near the Fermi level and half-metallic behavior.


Metallic Glasses


“Perpendicular Magnetization of Co20Fe50Ge30 Films Induced by MgO Interface”, Manli Ding and S. Joseph Poon, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 122408 (2012).

“Contributions of Electron and Phonon Transport to the Thermal Conductivity of GdFeCo and TbFeCo Amorphous Rare-Earth Transition-Metal Alloys”, P. E. Hopkins, M. L. Ding, and S. J. Poon, J. Appl. Phys. 111, 103533 (2012).

“Recent Advances in Nanostructured Thermoelectric Half-Heusler Compounds”, W. J. Xie, A. Weidenkraff, X. F. Tang, Q. J. Zhang, S. J. Poon, and T. M. Tritt, Nanomaterials 2, 379-412 (2013). 

“Coercivity Enhancement in Amorphous TbFeCo Film with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy”, Nattawut Anuniwat, Manli Ding, Jiwei Lu, S. J. Poon and S.A.Wolf, J. Appl. Physics 113, 043905 (2013).

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