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  Seunghun Lee   Seunghun Lee
Professor of Physics , Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Ph.D., 1996, Johns Hopkins

sl5eb@Virginia.EDU email   924-7959 tel 319 JBL Office Web >

Lee’s research focuses on strongly correlated materials such as non-conventional high temperature superconductors, quantum magnets, frustrated spin systems, magnetic molecules, and multiferroics. The main experimental techniques that the group uses are elastic and inelastic neutron scattering with which one can directly probe the many body response function. Neutron scattering experiments are performed at several domestic and international facilities. The group also has the in-house capability of growing high quality single crystals of transition metal oxides using a state-of-the-art image furnace.

Special Course: PAVS 4500-005, Science and Politics [Spring]

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PHYS 5620: Solid State Physics [Fall]