UVa Physics Graduate Poster Competition
Spring 2002

Sheng Feng. Advisor: Olivier Pfister. Quantum Entanglement of Twin Beams of Light (Research Area: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics)
Second Place Wenhui Li with Igor Mourachko. Advisor: T. F. Gallagher. Microwave Spectroscopy of a Frozen Rydberg Gas (Research Area: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics)
Adam B. Phillips. Advisor: J. C. Bean. Induced Crystallization as a Nonlithographic Pattern Transfer Technique (Research Area: Condensed Matter Physics)

Xiaoya Qi. Advisor: Eugene Kolomeisky. Quantum Fluctuations of Charge and Phase Transitions of A Large Coulomb-Blocked Quantum Dot (Research Area: Condensed Matter Physics)
First Place
J. M. Reeves with G. O. Garcia. Advisor: C. A. Sackett. Atom Interferometry and Bose-Einstein Condensates (Research Area: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics)
Brad. D. Sawatzky. Advisor: Blaine E. Norum. Threshold Dueterium Photodisintegration at HIGS (Research Area: Nuclear and Particle Physics)
A. Soddu. Advisor: P. Q. Hung. Rare K Decays in a Model of Quark and Lepton Masses (Research Area: High Energy Physics)
Ngoc-Khan Tran. Advisor: Pham-Quang Hung. A High-Energy World with Extra Dimensions (Research Area: High Energy Physics)

Thomas Vandervelde. Advisor: John Bean. Regulated Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots in Si1-xGex (Research Area: Condensed Matter Physics)
Third Place Brent A. VanDevender, Maxim Bychkov, Ying Wang. Advisor: Dinko Pocanic. Improving the Resolution of the PiBeta Detector (Research Area: Nuclear and Particle Physics)

Revised March 5, 2002.