UVa Physics Graduate Poster Competition
Spring 2000

S. J. Enouf, F.Q. Guo. Advisor: S.J. Poon. Co-Advisor: G.J. Shiflet. Synthesis and Characterization of a Non Al-Based Amorphous System. (Research Area: Condensed Matter Physics)

Third Place S. Frasier. Advisor: V. Celli. Simulations of Quantum Processes in a Frozen Gas. (Research Area: Condensed Matter Physics)

First Place A. Golossanov, V. Jejer, J. Shields. Advisor: B. Cox. Time Reversal and CP Violations at KTEV. (Research Area: High Energy Physics)

T. Holmstrom. UVa Contributions to HyperCP. (Research Area: High Energy Physics)

Second Place S. Jaiswal. Evolution of Stark Spectra in Barium. (Research Group: Ultrafast Laser Atomic Physics)

W. Li, E. Frlez, D. Pocanic. Precise Measurement of PiBeta Decay Rate. (Research Group: Pion Beta Decay Group)

J. McCune, H. Thacker. Chiral Symmetry and Long Wavelength in Dirac Eigenmodes in QCD. (Research Area: High Energy Physics)

S. Pisharody, J. Zeibel, R.R. Jones. Stark Spectroscopy in Sodium (Research Group: Ultrafast Laser Atomic Physics)

Y. Xia, V. Ponnambalam, S.J. Poon, S. Battacharya, A.L. Pope, T.M. Tritt. Bandgap Properties and Large Power Factor in Metal-Based Alloys. (Research Area: Condensed Matter Physics)

Revised May 23, 2000.