Friday, March 17, 2000
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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"Elastic Electron Deuteron Scattering: Past, Present and Future"

Prof. Gerassimos (Makis) Petratos , Kent State University
[Host: Oscar Rondon]
This talk will present a review of elastic electron scattering off the simplest nucleus, the deuteron. The elastic scattering process has long been a crucial tool in understanding the internal structure and dynamics of the nuclear two-body system. Studies of the deuteron form factors, measured in elastic scattering, offer unique opportunities to test both the conventional meson-nucleon "standard model" that describes the deuteron electromagnetic structure, and "nuclear chromodynamics" predictions of perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics based on the underlying quark-gluon substructure of the deuteron. A review of both the theoretical framework and of past (SLAC) and recent (JLab) measurements of the deuteron form factors will be presented

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