Friday, October 6, 2000
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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"Theory of de Broglie Waveguides"

Professor Marvin Girardeau , University of Arizona
[Host: Eugene Kolomeisky]
Several experimental groups have recently succeeded in constructing quasi-one-dimensional (1D) atom waveguides and loading them with Bose-Einstein condensates of ultracold atomic vapors. An important motivation for such studies is the goal of constructing atomic de Broglie wave beam splitters and interferometers for ultrasensitive detection of very weak accelerations and gravitational perturbations. This talk will discuss the many-body Schrodinger dynamics of 1D systems of impenetrable bosons, which is exactly soluble via an exact mapping from an ideal Fermi gas to a strongly interacting Bose gas of impenetrable point particles. After description of some completed work on such systems in 1D toroidal geometries and harmonic traps, some work in progress will be described, concerned with a generalization to a model of a de Broglie beam splitter/interferometer using two coupled waveguides.

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