Friday, February 9, 2001
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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"Neutron Spin Structure Function Measurements at Jefferson Lab"

Nilanga Liyanage , Jefferson Laboratory
[Host: Gordon Cates]
Spin structure functions provide basic information about the spin of the quark distributions inside the nucleon. Measurements at high energy laboratories have provided precision spin structure function data at low values of xbj. However, there is little precision data at low and moderate values of momentum transfer and high values of xbj . This is especially true for the neutron due to the absence of a free neutron target. Polarized ND3 , NH3 and 3He targets at Jefferson lab combined with its high-polarization continuous electron beam have provided the opportunity to make high precision neutron spin structure measurements in the high xbj region. As examples of high precision measurements possible at Jefferson lab, I will describe two planned neutron spin structure measurements, one in the deep inelastic region and the other in the resonance region, using the Hall A polarized 3He target. The deep inelastic measurement will provide the first precision test of predictions for the virtual photon asymmetry An1 in the valence quark region. The measurement in the resonance region, combined with the DIS measurement will provide a first test of quark-hadron duality for spin structure of the neutron

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