Nuclear Physics Seminars

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
4:00 PM
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Electromagnetic form factors describe the spatial distribution of electric charge and magnetization of the nu-cleon. Quarks are the charge carriers in nucleons, and so, these form factors describe the spatial distributionof these quarks and act as direct probes to their principal dynamics. Electron scattering experiments are thetool of choice for measuring these nucleon form factors. Modern developments in high luminosity and po-larized electron beams, in combination with new polarized targets, recoil polarimeters, and large-acceptancedetectors, are advancing the strides in form factors measurements. The Super BigBite Spectrometer (SBS)at Jefferson Lab (JLab) is the next big step. The upcoming series of experiments on the SBS at JLab willmeasure nucleon form factors at Qmomentum-transfer values at upwards of 13.5 (GeV/c/)2, and will utilizemultiple measurement and experimental techniques. For instance, Gen and Gen-RP will both measure theform factor ratio of the neutron, but using two varying techniques (double polarization and recoil polarime-try, respectively). The primary components on the SBS to detect and track charged particles are gas electronmultiplier (GEM) detectors. Our research group at UVa has developed two configurations of GEM detectorsfor the SBS. One GEM configuration is currently being installed onto the SBS apparatus and the second isnearing its completion in our Detector R&D Lab at UVa.

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