Friday, November 21, 2003
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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"Quantum Coherence in Magnets"

Collin Broholm , John Hopkins University
[Host: Despina Louca]
Magnetic materials are typically found in one of two qualitatively different states: Thermally disordered at high temperatures or spin ordered at low temperatures. In this talk I describe a third distinct state of an interacting spin system: quantum ordered magnetism. I present neutron scattering data that provide evidence for quantum order in zero, one, two, and three-dimensional spin systems. La4Cu3MoO12 contains spin-trimers that develop quantum order at low temperature where each trimer becomes a composite spin-1/2 degree of freedom. Y2BaNiO5 is an antiferromagnetic spin-1 chain with an extensive one-dimensional Haldane ground state. I present scattering data that provide clear evidence for long range coherence in the absence of conventional spin order2. (C4H12N2)Cu2C16 (PHCC) is a frustrated bi-layer antiferromagnet with interactions that span a two-dimensional plane. I show that there are coherent triplet excitations and argue that competing interactions favor quantum order over spin order3. Cu2(C5H12N2)2Cl4 (CuHpCl) has a cooperative singlet ground state and was initially thought to be a spin ladder. However, neutron scattering data show that it is in fact a three dimensional frustrated system with quantum order. Apart from describing and comparing the low temperature quantum ordered states in these pure systems, I shall also touch on the fascinating effects of impurities5 and the field driven quantum phase transitions that can be accessed experimentally in several of these systems.

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