Friday, May 6, 2005
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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"Tidbits About Qubits: Spin Computation in Nanostructures"

Sankar Das Sarma , University of MarylandCondensed Matter Theory Center -
[Host: Keith Williams]
I will provide an introduction to the emerging field of spintronics and spin qubits in this talk. Active control of carrier spin in nanostructures of semiconductors and other electronic materials is projected to lead to new device functionalities in the future. In particular, it may be possible to envision memory and logic operations being carried out on the same 'spintronic' chip. I will discuss various aspects of fundamental physics related to this new research area of spin electronics with the particular emphasis on localized electron spins in semiconductor nanostructures, such as GaAs quantum dots and P donors in Si. A revolutionary possibility in the (perhaps, far) future is using the natural two-level quantum dynamics of electron spin to create robust quantum bits ('qubits') which could be used to carry out solid state quantum information processing or quantum computation. I will discuss in details the questions of entanglement, decoherence, quantum error correction, and quantum gates in semiconductor nanostructure-based solid state spin quantum computer architectures, critically discussing from a theoretical perspective the current status of the field and the prospects for carrying out large-scale quantum computation using solid state spin qubits. Aspects of fundamental spin physics in the solid state environment will be emphasized in this talk. This research has been supported by LPS, ARDA, NSA, ARO, DARPA, ONR, and Please see for the relevant publications.

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