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Monday, October 21, 4:00 PM, Physics Building Room 204Atomic
Dmitry Green, AppliedTQC.com, ResearchPULSE LLC
"We address a central problem in the creation and manipulation of quantum states: how to build topological quantum spin liquids with physically ..." More >
Friday, October 25, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Rajveer Nehra, University of Virginia - Physics
"We are in the midst of a second quantum revolution fueled by “quantumness” of physical systems and the sophisticated measurement devices or ..." More >
Liuti Awarded 2019 Francis Slack Prize
The Southeastern Section of the American Physics Society (SESAPS) has awarded Simonetta Liuti the 2019 Francis Slack prize. This award is in honor of her ... More >
Paschke Elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society
Dear Colleagues, Please join me in congratulating Kent Paschke on his election to APS Fellowship! Each year, no more than one half of one ... More >
Applying Machine Learning to enhance magnetocaloric materials
Abstract: We present a data-driven approach to predict entropy changes (ΔS) in small magnetic fields in single-molecule magnets ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Brad Cox. (Professor). Professor Cox has been involved in many experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stanford Linear ...More >
Student Profile:
Chris Jantzi. (Graduate Student). My research focuses on studying the spin structure of neutrons. For my part, I fill, ...More >