Using Physics Calendars with Google Calendar
You can add UVa Physics Department events to your Google Calendar by following these steps.

The Easy Way:
Depending on your computer's configuration, you may be able to add our calendars to your Google Calender by simply clicking on the calendar icons below. If that doesn't work for you, please follow this procedure:

(Note that the same calendar URLs given below may work with other calendar systems, too.)

The Less Easy Way:

  • Go to your Google Calendar using a web browser.
  • Locate the text reading "Other Calendars" at the left-hand side of the page.
  • Click the triangle on the RIGHT-hand side (NOT the one on the left) of this text.
  • Select "Add by URL" from the resulting menu.
  • Enter one of the following URLs, then click "Add Calendar":

    • For Colloquia, enter:

    • For Atomic Seminars, enter:

    • For Condensed Matter Seminars, enter:

    • For Gravity Seminars, enter:

    • For High Energy Seminars, enter:

    • For Nuclear Seminars, enter:

    • For Thesis or Dissertation Defenses, enter:

      Seminars in other departments:

    • UVa Astronomy / NRAO Colloquia:

    • Tuesday UVa / NRAO Astronomy (TUNA) Lunch Talks:
Once you've added a calendar, its events should appear along with other events already on your calendar.

Choosing Colors and Calendar Name:
By default, Google Calendar will choose a random color to use for events in the newly-added calendar, and the calendar will be listed by its URL under "Other Calendars" at the left of the page. You can change the color by hovering over the entry in the "Other Calendars" list, then clicking the triangle which will appear. You can change the name of the new calendar by clicking the same triangle and selecting "Calendar Settings" from the menu. Once you've entered a new name, remember to click the "save" button near the top of the form.