Research Administration

Physics Department Research Administration Information

  • Department Research Administrator (RA): Jeff Behrend,
    • Pre-award proposal preparation
    • Post-award finance management
  • Equipment Fabrication
  • Proposal Workflow:
    • Budget preparation – provide an email outline of expense types. RA will provide a working spreadsheet for your review and revision. Track each revision with V1, V2, etc. in name of spreadsheet.
    • When administrative and scientific documents are prepared, send to RA for review and comment. RA will review for formatting guidelines.
    • RA will prepare ePRF (electronic proposal routing form in Research UVA) and send to PI and chair for review/approval.
    • RA will forward ePRF to Dean’s office for review.
    • Dean’s office will submit review comments to RA. RA and PI will make necessary changes.
    • Dean’s office will refer to OSP for review. OSP will provide review comments to Dean’s Office/RA. RA and PI will make necessary changes.
    • OSP will submit
  • Workflow notes: You should allow 5 working days from Dean’s submission for comprehensive review at Dean’s and OSP level. This will facilitate the most polished and compliant proposal. Proposal review will be titrated to the amount of time allowed for review. The less time, the less comprehensive the review. Proposal submissions on deadline day will get a cursory review for blatant compliance violations. Our goal is, at a minimum, to prevent a proposal from be rejected administratively and never getting to a scientific review. We do not recommend submitting proposals on the day of the deadline. Occasionally, the sponsor submission portal will malfunction, or a document pdf will go wonky. Submitting the day before the deadline allows OSP to pull the submission back, correct the problem and resubmit.
  • Department /College Deadline Policy:
    • There is no hard deadline.
    • 5 Working days are ideal for submission to the Dean’s office.

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