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Astrophysics & Cosmology Atomic, Molecular & Optical Condensed Matter High Energy Nuclear & Particle

Monday, April 15, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Atomic
David Keder, University of Virginia - Physics
"Polarized Nuclear Imaging (PNI) is a novel modality in which images of certain radioactive tracers are formed using conventional Magnetic Resonance ..." More >
Tuesday, April 16, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Matthew Roberts, University of Virginia - Physics
"The ultimate goal of my research is to measure for photons between 8 and 20 MeV using a frozen-spin target originally constructed at CERN in the mid ..." More >
Wednesday, April 17, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204High Energy
Alexander Saffer , Montana State University
"General Relativity (GR) has been the cornerstone of gravitational physics for a century. Over this time, numerous predictions and tests have ..." More >
Thursday, April 18, 11:00 AM, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Preetha Saha, University of Virginia - Physics
"Unconventional magnetic states such as spin liquids and spin glasses continue to attract the interest of researchers in magnetism.These materials ..." More >
Friday, April 19, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Dr. Craig D. Roberts, Argonne National Laboratory
"Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the nuclear physics part of the Standard Model, is the first theory to demand that science fully resolve the conflicts ..." More >
Monday, April 22, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Atomic
Chengxing He, University of Virginia - Physics
"Quantum systems are fragile. Inhomogeneities in a sample’s environment can destroy its macroscopic coherence properties, while the coupling of ..." More >
Tuesday, April 23, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Brandon Kriesten , University of Virginia - Physics
"Imaging the 3D partonic structure of the nucleon is a fundamental goal of every major nuclear experimental program, including the EIC. Ji first ..." More >
Wednesday, April 24, 10:00 AM, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Hamed Vakili, University of Virginia - Physics
"Skyrmions are topologically protected magnetic quasi-particles. An isolate skyrmion is a metastable state of ferromagnet. The metastable state of ..." More >
Wednesday, April 24, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204High Energy
Pedro Cunha , University of Lisbon
"The following theorem is proven: axisymmetric, stationary solutions of the Einstein field equations formed from classical gravitational collapse of ..." More >
Thursday, April 25, 11:00 AM, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Milovan Suvakov , Institute of Physics Belgrade
"The three-body problem dates back to the 1680s. Isaac Newton had already shown that his law of gravity could always predict the orbit of two bodies ..." More >
Thursday, April 25, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Dr. Matthias Burkardt, New Mexico State University
"An overview of the physics of Wigner Distributions will be presented within the context of the recently established  Jefferson Lab Center for ..." More >
Friday, April 26, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Andrew Steiner, University of Tennessee
"Of course, multimessenger astronomy promises to revolutionize astronomy and our understanding of nucleosynthesis. My research shows that it goes ..." More >
Carson and Wijayaratne Receive Graduate Teaching Awards
Zack Carson and Kapila Wijayaratne who have been recognized with university-wide graduate teaching awards!  Zack is the recipient of the ... More >
Yagi Receives 2019 Young Scientist Prize
Kent Yagi has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Young Scientist Prize from the International Commission on General Relativity & ... More >
Yagi Named 2019 Sloan Research Fellow
Kent Yagi has been named a 2019 Sloan Research Fellow.  From the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Press Release:   “Sloan Research Fellows are the ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Diana Vaman. (Associate Professor). My research in theoretical particle physics is based on string theory, and I am especially interested in the ...More >
Student Profile:
Nguyen Ton. (Graduate Student). My thesis project focus on studying spin structure of nucleon, particularly the neutron. I have experience in ...More >