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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical High Energy Nuclear & Particle Condensed Matter

Wednesday, November 14, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 313High Energy
Andreas Jung, Purdue
"The talk will highlight latest results on top quark physics at CMS employing pp collision data at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV. New results from ..." More >
Friday, November 16, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Mark Stiles, NIST
"Human brains can solve many problems with orders of magnitude more energy efficiency than traditional computers.  As the importance of such ..." More >
UVa Quartet At The Center Of Efforts To Gain U.S. Edge
UVAToday has a nice article highlighting UVa's expertise in quantum optical physics and photonics engineering: A University of Virginia ... More >
New Clues to the Proton Puzzle
UVa Physics professor Nilanga Liyanage and his colleagues in the PRad collaboration have made a new measurement of the proton's radius.  Other ... More >
Fall 2018 Physics Newsletter
The current edition of our departmental newsletter features a message from our new Chair, Bob Jones, a profile of new faculty member Kent Yagi, profiles of some recent ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Jongsoo Yoon. (Associate Professor). My research is focused on understanding of phases and phase transitions in twodimensional (2D) electronic systems ...More >
Student Profile:
Adam Fallon. (Graduate Student). Our group uses Bose-Einstein Condensates as atomic interferometers. These ultra-cold atoms serve as sensitive ...More >