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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical High Energy Nuclear & Particle Condensed Matter

Tuesday, October 6, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Omar Benhar, University of Rome (La Sapienza)
" Over the past two decades, the availability of a large body of electron-nucleus scattering data of unprecedented accuracy has triggered the ..." More >
Thursday, October 8, Physics Building Room 313*Condensed Matter
Norman Tubman, UIUC
" Theoretical analysis of molecular bonding is quite successful in many regards, but leaves open many mysteries, even for simple diatomic ..." More >
Thursday, October 15, Physics Building Room 204Condensed Matter
Dima Bolmatov, Brookhaven National Lab
" Abstract: While physicists have a good theoretical understanding of the heat capacity of both solids and gases, a general theory ..." More >
Friday, October 16, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Thomas Katsouleas, Provost and Department of Physics UVA
" The National Academy of Engineering has identified 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering for the 21st Century, spanning human needs from ..." More >
Xiaochao Zheng Featured in UVaToday's "U.Va. Faculty Will Realize Their 'Dream Ideas,' Thanks to Mead Grants"
From UVa Today: "...Xiaochao Zheng, associate professor of physics Because 3-D ... More >
Love triangles, quantum fluctuations and spin jam
Lee's group presented experimental evidence for the existence of a topological spin state called spin jam. When magnetic moments are ... More >
Carr and Sperling Receive Dean's Scholarships
Peter Carr received the Lawrence Harrison Kilmon and May Lewis Kilmon Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement and Owen Sperling ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Steve Thornton. (Professor). Prof. Thornton researches physics and general science education. His research objective is to train graduate ...More >
Student Profile:
Brian Richards. (Graduate Student). My current project entails controlling the separation of Rubidium atoms in a magneto-optical trap (MOT) by ...More >