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Monday, September 19, 11:00 AM, Physics Building Room 313Atomic
Yoshiro Azuma, Sophia University, Tokyo
"Two cases of strong manifestation of electron correlation upon innervalence photoionization of rare gas atoms with syncrhtron radiation will be ..." More >
Monday, September 19, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Atomic
Ken Lopata, Louisiana State University
"Strong-field ionization (SFI) and the resulting electronic dynamics are important for a range of processes such as high harmonic generation, ..." More >
Friday, September 23, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Aron Bernstein, MIT
"An objective overview of the nuclear arms race will be presented with an emphasis  on the present situation. A brief sketch of how nuclear ..." More >
Monday, September 26, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Atomic
John Burke, Air Force Research Lab
"This seminar will present an optical atomic clock based on a two-photon transition at 778 nm in rubidium that could be made small and robust enough ..." More >
Friday, September 30, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Samir Mathir, Ohio State
"Some 40 years ago Hawking found a remarkable contradiction: if we accept the standard behavior of gravity in regions of low curvature, then the ..." More >
Chakdar Wins UVa Wide Postdoctoral Poster Competition
Shreyashi Chakdar has been awarded the First Place and the Audience Choice awards for the poster presentations in the "Physical Science ... More >
NOvA shines new light on how neutrinos behave
NOvA issued a press release and announced new results on the disappearance of muon neutrinos at the 38th International Conference on High Energy ... More >
Bloomfield Explains Olympic Freestyle
UVA physics professor Lou Bloomfield explains some of the fundamental forces at work in Olympic freestyle swimming, and how swimmers can use science to get ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Craig Dukes. (Professor). Professor Dukes’ research is in experimental Elementary Particle Physics where he has worked on experiments at ...More >
Student Profile:
Adam Fallon. (Graduate Student). Our group uses Bose-Einstein Condensates as atomic interferometers. These ultra-cold atoms serve as sensitive ...More >