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Jongsoo Yoon. (Associate Professor). My research is focused on understanding of phases and phase transitions in twodimensional (2D) electronic systems ...More >
Vincent Kan. (Graduate Student). I’m Vincent originally from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and I work with Prof. Kevin Lehmann in ...More >
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Klich and Lee Solve Longstanding Condensed Matter Physics Problem
Our theorist, Israel Klich, and experimentalist, Seung-Hun lee, have worked together to solve a long-standing problem in condensed matter physics regarding a glassy state in some frustrated magnets. When spins are arranged in a lattice of triangular ... More >
Triple-Emmy-Winning "Professor Lou"
From UVaToday: “Professor Lou,” as he is called on TV, is science central on a feature segment called “Forces of Hockey,” which is produced by the Capitals and aired on the team’s associated cable networks, on the NHL Network, and shown during breaks ... More >
Hoxton Lecture: Quantum Networks in Quantum Optics
Professor Jeff Kimble This talk will discuss the opportunities for the exploration of physical systems that have not heretofore existed in the natural world. A reception will be held following the talk in the Chemistry Building atrium. More >