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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical High Energy Nuclear & Particle Condensed Matter

Monday, April 25, 3:45 PM, Physics Building Room 204Atomic
Sharmistha Sahoo, UVA-Department of Physics
"Symmetry-protected topological phases have gapless surface (edge) states. These states are robust against any single-body perturbation that has the ..." More >
Tuesday, April 26, 1:00 PM, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Anjana Samarakoon, UVA - Department of Physics
"Defects and randomness has been largely studied as the key mechanism of glassiness find in a dilute magnetic system. Even though the same argument ..." More >
Wednesday, April 27, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204High Energy
Fan Xia, UVA - Department of Physics
"In LHC run1, the discovery of Higgs boson are striking success for the Standard Model (SM) again. Although it’s the most well-tested ..." More >
Thursday, April 28, 1:00 PM, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Haoyu Chen, UVA- Department of Physics
"A measurement of charge asymmetry in Bethe-Heitler (BH) pair production using the High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source at the Tri-Universities Nuclear ..." More >
Friday, April 29, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
David Tanner, University of Florida
"It was in April 1986 when Bednorz and Mueller of the IBM Zürich laboratories sent a paper about “possible high-Tc ..." More >
Monday, May 2, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 203Colloquium
Peter Shawhan, University of Maryland
"On February 11, LIGO scientists announced the direct detection of gravitational waves, confirming a century-old prediction of Einstein's general ..." More >
Tuesday, May 3, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Charlie Glaser, UVA-Department of Physics
"The ratio of decay rates \(\Gamma(\pi{\to}ev^{-}(\gamma))/\Gamma(\pi{\to}{\mu}v^-(\gamma))\) provides a key ..." More >
Principato Meets Italian Prime Minister
Earlier this month, Cristiana Principato, a UVa graduate student in the Physics Department, had the opportunity to meet with Italian Prime Minister Matteo ... More >
Bixel, Diehl, and Slomka Elected to Phi Beta Kappa
David Bixel, Adam Diehl, and Matthew Slomka were elected to the Beta Chapter of Virginia of Phi Beta Kappa. Prof. Carrie Douglass, President, Phi ... More >
Special Physics Department Medical Physics Scholarship!
The Department has a $5,000 Scholarship available for this summer, 2016, to support a declared physics major to work with a faculty member on ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Marija Vucelja. (Assistant Professor). Theoretical Condensed Matter Marija Vucelja is a theoretical physicist interested in biophysics, soft condensed ...More >
Student Profile:
Niranjan Sridhar. (Graduate Student). The postulates of quantum mechanics, however counter-intuitive, have forced us to reevaluate all existing ...More >