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Tuesday, March 31, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Dustin Keller, University of Virginia
" Frequently small signals of interest are overwhelmed by background, systematic uncertainty, or statistical limitations. These types of ..." More >
Thursday, April 2, Physics Building Room 204Condensed Matter
Jiadong Zang, Johns Hopkins University
" A Skyrmion is a topological configuration in which local spins wrap around the unit sphere for an integer number of times. After decades of ..." More >
Friday, April 3, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Mike Mulhearn, UC Davis
" Cosmic rays which encounter the Earth's atmosphere produce showers of muons and high-energy photons, which can be detected using a smartphone ..." More >
Tuesday, April 7, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Long Chen, University of Virginia
Wednesday, April 8, Physics Building Room 204High Energy
Gabriel Wong, University of Virginia
UVa's SPS Chapter Recognized as Distinguished
For the second straight year UVa's SPS chapter has been recognized as "distinguished".   This honor is only given to the top 20% of all SPS chapters in the country.   The ... More >
Brigid McDonald
McDonald Wins APS Award
Dear Faculty and Undergraduates, Please join me to congratulate Brigid McDonald for being recognized for giving one of the three best research presentations at the APS Conference for ... More >
P.Q. Hung
I Want The ILC! by P. Q. Hung
"The ILC Blues", by P. Q. Hung and Duong Quoc Dat, is featured in the Newsletter of the Linear Collider Comunity: http://newsline.linearcollider.org/2015/01/08/the-ilc-blues/ More >
Faculty Profile:
Donal Day. (Research Professor). Our research program is at the forefront of the studies of the fundamental properties of the nucleons, i.e. the ...More >
Student Profile:
Zukai Wang. (Graduate Student). My research interest is high energy physics. The current project I am working on is Nova, which is about neutrino ...More >