Physics at Virginia

Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences in advancing the frontier of scientific knowledge. The Physics department strives to advance the understanding of physics and the physical world around us, through programs in fundamental and applied research, global dissemination of scientific knowledge and literacy, and quality undergraduate and graduate education. To this end, the department aspires to enhance its reputation through engagement and leadership in nationally and internationally renowned research programs; publications in high-impact journals; superb education and mentoring; its efforts to promote and advance diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and its commitment to outreach.

Graduate education is a critical aspect of the department's mission. Graduate students are the next generation of scientists and teachers who will play crucial roles in industry, academia, and the security of the nation. The department strives to challenge students to reach their full potential as research scientists, while at the same time providing the support and resources needed to ensure success. As for the undergraduate program, the department has a strong culture of advising, teaching, and mentorship, striving to merge a student experience similar to that obtained at a liberal arts college with that of a world-class research university. The department provides numerous opportunities for undergraduates to participate in independent research in close contact with faculty. The education and advising objectives are regularly reviewed to ensure that students’ academic, personal, and career concerns and needs are addressed.