Special Colloquium

Monday, February 24, 2020
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 203
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"Integrated x(2) photonics"

Professor Hong Tang , Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University
[Host: UVA Student Chapter of OSA/SPIE]

The ability to generate and manipulate photons with high efficiency and coherence is of critical importance for both fundamental quantum optics studies and practical device applications. However mainstream integrated photonic platforms such as those based on silicon and silicon nitride lack the preferred cubic c(2) nonlinearity, which limits active photon control functionalities. In this talk, I will present integrated photonics based on aluminum nitride (AlN) and lithium niobite (LN), whose non-centrosymmetric crystal structures give rise to the strong second-order optical nonlinearity. Together with their low optical loss, the integrated AlN and LN photonics can provide enhanced c(2) photon-photon interactions to achieve high fidelity photon control, including on-chip parametric down-conversion, coherent light conversion, spectral-temporal shaping, and microwave-to-optical frequency conversions.



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