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"Event Generators and Parton Shower Algorithms for the HL-LHC"

Florian Herren , Fermilab
[Host: Jan Heisig]

Monte Carlo Event Generators are essential for the analysis and interpretation of Collider data. Event generation starts at energies of several hundred GeV with the hard interaction between quarks and gluons and ends at the scale of several hundred MeV with hadrons, leptons and photons as the final products. This energy gap is bridged by parton shower algorithms, which evolve the products of the hard interaction down to the hadronization scale. In this talk I will discuss recent improvements on the formal accuracy of parton showers and the performance of phase-space integrators, both crucial ingredients for precision physics at the HL-LHC.

High Energy Physics Seminar
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
4:00 PM
Astronomy Building, Room 265
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