Physics at Virginia

"Searching for Rare Higgs Boson Pair Production with a W or Z Boson (VHH)"

Chris Palmer , University of Maryland
[Host: Chris Neu]

LHC still holds the promise for beyond standard model (BSM) physics hiding in the Higgs potential, which to date has no direct experimental evidence. The primary mechanism for experimentally determining the shape of the Higgs potential is to search for Higgs boson pair production, whose kinematics and cross section would be impacted by BSM strength tri-linear Higgs boson self-coupling from the Higgs potential. In this seminar I will describe the recent CMS search for VHH in the HH4b channel, which has been spearheaded by our group. The expected (observed) 95% confidence level bounds on the Higgs boson self-coupling are approximately ±30 (±37) times the SM expected coupling strength.  Bounds on the strength of the coupling of two Higgs bosons with two vector bosons will also be shown.

High Energy Physics Seminar
Wednesday, October 25, 2023
4:00 PM
Astronomy Building, Room 265
Note special time.
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