Physics at Virginia

"Skyrmion Textures in Magnetic Materials"

Cristian Batista
[Host: Dmytro Pesin]

Inspired by the work of Hermann von Helmholtz, William Thomson proposed in 1867 that atoms could be vortices in the aether. While subsequent experiments put this proposal out of business, the concept of topological solitons as fundamental building blocks or artificial atoms remains enticing. Recent developments since the 1960s have revealed ample evidence that nature offers updated versions of the aether concept. In the realm of quantum magnets, the aether manifests as the vector field of magnetic moments, whose topological solitons can be seen as emergent mesoscale atoms. Analogous to real atoms, these solitons organize into periodic arrays or crystals governed by principles of symmetry, anisotropy, and competing microscopic interactions. These magnetic textures generate an effective magnetic field, coupled to the orbital degrees of freedom of conduction electrons, capable of reaching astronomical magnitudes. We will explore how these topological magnetic structures manifest in real materials and how the quantum mechanical nature of spins can give rise to more intricate skyrmion textures than those observed thus far.

Friday, April 19, 2024
3:30 PM
Clark Hall, Room 107
Note special room.

Zoom Link:  https://web.phys.virginia.edu/Private/Covid-19/colloquium.asp

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