Kent Paschke

Ph.D., 2001, Carnegie Mellon

Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Research Interests

Professor Paschke’s research activity focuses on precision measurements of parity-violation in electron scattering at Jefferson Lab, in Newport News Virginia. These measurements have proven to be a useful tool for the study of the building blocks of the atomic nucleus and for testing the completeness of the Standard Model of electroweak interactions. A recently completed series of experiments address a range of topics, including strange quarks in nuclei, nuclear structure in a 208Pb nucleus, and the electroweak coupling of the nucleons. Prof. Paschke is also actively developing a future program which will take advantage of the upcoming energy upgrade at JLab. His activities at JLab are supported by an optics test stand at the University of Virginia, with research on the laser optics used to produce polarized electrons for precision measurements and the development of laser systems used for Compton polarimetry.

News Items

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